The Once Upon a Time Foundation is a $250 million private foundation based in Fort Worth, Texas. We support a wide range of organizations including those that provide arts and humanities, community affairs, health and medicine, human services, and education benefits to members of the community.

Our Programs

The Philanthropy Lab

The Philanthropy Lab engages college students in philanthropy by giving them the tangible responsibility of directing real money to nonprofit organizations in the context of full-credit undergraduate courses. Over $12 million has been distributed to nonprofits, directed by undergraduate students

Electronic Data & Mental Health Research

Grants totaling $3 million were awarded to clinical teams of experts at Harvard McLean, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Pennsylvania to collaborate in parallel research studies on “The Use of Patients’ Electronic Communications in Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment.”

Child Apraxia Treatment & Research

Child Apraxia Treatment provides resources to both parents and clinicians on evidence-based assessment and treatment of childhood apraxia of speech, including the Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC) treatment method. Grants totaling nearly $1 million have been awarded to study the effects of various treatment conditions, including parent training, length of therapy session, and masking, on outcome measures for children with moderate to severe childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), using Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC), an evidence-based treatment method.

The Raynor Cerebellum Project

Once Upon a Time has committed $25 million to establish the Raynor Cerebellum Project with UT Southwestern Medical Center based in Dallas, Texas, with the goal of finding the shortest path to improving the lives of patients suffering from cerebellar disorders. The Raynor Cerebellum Project will be known as the greatest collaboration of minds and resources solving the issues of cerebellar dysfunction and disorders. Prior to the Raynor Cerebellum Project, Once Upon a Time had been philanthropic partners with UT Southwestern for nearly 20 years, investing over $14 million in some of the most important work underway, ranging from emergency medicine to neurology research to precision cancer treatments.

“Mounting evidence over the past decade has pointed to a role for the cerebellum in cognition and social skills. The bold vision of the Foundation’s Raynor Cerebellum Project will allow UT Southwestern to bring together the needed expertise, collaboration, and technological prowess to advance scientific understanding and clinical insight with the goal of developing effective therapies for cerebellar disease and ultimately preventing cerebellar dysfunction in both children and adults that have the potential to change the landscape of medicine. The Foundation’s latest investment in UT Southwestern is an impressive reflection of confidence in groundbreaking work taking place at this institution.”

Dr. Daniel K Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern

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